Terra Firma Fire Ring and Garnet MOLTEN EDITION

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Ignite your passion and desire with the Fire element ring. Imbued with the fiery intensity of the inferno, this piece radiates an enchanting darkness. Let the flames of your soul blaze as you wear this symbol of alchemical power and mystic allure.

Garnets have historically been associated with heart, blood, inner fire, and life force.

Garnets often symbolize protection, transformation, intuition, and creativity. They are associated with the element of fire.

Garnets are meticulously set in wax and cast in sterling silver. Cast-Not-Set means that the wax is pour molten silver in with stones in a cast to seal them

Material: Sterling silver
Measures: 8mm x 4mm

Order in whole size. Allow 3-4 weeks 

  • 8mm x 4mm
  • Sterling silver
  • Order in whole size

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