Tesia Alexandra started designing and creating jewelry after being an engagement and wedding ring blogger. She had a thirst to not just look at other people's work, but to fully understand the process. Machinations is inspired by her fascination with the occult, the esoteric, and art history. Driven to learn more, she has spent time in the Middle East, Turkey, and Europe.

Every piece starts as a single chunk of wax that is carved into shape.

Wax casting is a one shot deal. If it doesn't take, she starts all over.

Next the gold and silver technique is a process called Keum-boo. This is not electroplating. Various cultures; Japanese, Chinese and in the west historically primarily to adhere gold to iron, steel and copper. She does it for but the look is from her love of turkish mixed metals jewelry. But historical mentions in the west of application of gold to silver using the same methods used in Asia, though there are plenty of Roman and Greek artifacts which upon reexamination in recent years seem to have been gilded in this manner.

Symbol and stone are chosen for the history and cross-cultural meanings. Nothing is by chance. Machinations' style is bold, unique and something you will truly cherish wearing.

Tesia has been recognized by Refinery 29, The Huffington Post, and Etsy many times over for her unique style, affordability, and ethical sourcing practices. She was also named a 2019 Metal & Smith ambassador. Vena Amoris was a 2015 Martha Stewart American Made Finalist.

Tesia resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her dog, GSD Lucifer