Hekate's key Almandine Garnet Rose Cut

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Hekate'sis the Greek Goddess of the Crossroads, The key itself is her symbol, as she is an opener of ways; the other symbols from top to bottom are as follows. Her emblem is the labyrinth-like Hecate Wheel at the top of this key.

Unlock the Beauty of Almandine Garnet: Enveloped in the deep, romantic hue of Almandine Garnet, each piece in this magnificent key set radiates the essence of love and passion. The enchanting red of the Almandine Garnet is beautifully showcased in the Rose Cut, a timeless gemstone style reminiscent of a blooming rose.

Wear it alone as a statement piece or mix and match it with other charms to create your own unique narrative, symbolizing the profound changes that have shaped your life.

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