Devil Pods Charm moonstone and amethyst

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Demonic appearance is where it gets its name from. It is considered extremely powerful for driving away all types of evil influences, energies, spirits and vibrations. It’s said to deflect, ward and “scare” away malevolent forces or entities.

Moonstone is often used in occult jewelry to symbolize intuition, femininity, and spiritual growth. It  is believed to enhance intuition, emotional balance, and spiritual awareness. It is also associated with the energy of the moon and is believed to have a calming and nurturing energy healing properties

The Amethyst promotes confidence and calmness. This includes protection from the negativity of stress and anxiety

 The name is from the Greek for “not drunken”, as it was worn as an amulet against inebriation.

Hand carved charm in recycled sterling silver with 23.5 karat gold.

Wear it alone as a statement piece or mix and match it with other charms to create your own unique narrative, symbolizing the profound changes that have shaped your life.

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