Beyond the vale iolite cabochon Amulets

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Inspired by the intricate designs of Victorian frames, locket motifs and hauntingly beautiful mourning art , this series features hand-carved pieces cast in sterling silver with accents of 23.5k gold, offered with the mystical glow of emeralds. Each piece is designed for versatile wear—solo, stacked, or combined with other amulets—invites you to express your unique connection to the odd and extraordinary.

Embrace your individuality with jewelry as distinct and captivating as you are.

These amulets are a portal to a bygone era, crafted for those who find beauty and the peculiar in the dark corners of the Victorian psyche. Embrace the opportunity to wear something as unique and intriguing as your spirit. Welcome to a world where love for the occult and admiration for oddities encapsulate every handcrafted piece.

Iolite, with its captivating shades of violet and blue, is a gemstone that symbolizes vision, exploration, and the illumination of one's path. Often referred to as the "Viking's Compass," iolite is believed to have been used by Norse explorers as a navigational aid, guiding them across the seas under the sun. This historical connection imbues iolite with the energy of journey and discovery, making it a perfect talisman for those seeking direction and insight.

Iolite resonates with the spirit of adventure, encouraging the wearer to face challenges confidently and embrace life's journey with an open heart. It is said to enhance intuition, helping to unlock the deeper knowledge within and fostering a connection to inner guidance. This makes iolite an excellent stone for those in pursuit of personal growth and self-awareness.


  • Sterling silver
  • 23.k karat gold
  • cabochon iolite
  • 20 mm x 25mm

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