Wings of Remembrance Crafting a Sapphire Butterfly Memento

Within the delicate wings of this hand-carved butterfly, a profound tale of love, loss, and remembrance delicately unfolds. Meticulously crafted with the utmost care, this unique memento mori, set with rare violet sapphires that captivate with their deep beauty, serves to honor the memory of a cherished soul.

This butterfly—a timeless symbol of transformation, hope, and the ethereal realms between—carries with it the essence of gothic beauty and occult wisdom. It acts as a tender reminder of life’s ephemeral nature and the perpetual memory of those who have transitioned beyond.




Created to pay homage to a beloved mother, its gothic elegance and mystical allure invite reflection, offering solace in the shadowy silence of grief. Let this piece be a source of light, guiding us through the darkness with the enduring spirit and legacy that continue to inspire and uplift.