Lupus Spiritus Claw with Tourmaline


In alchemy, the wolf is the creature of the moon, silver & antimony. The wolf is a contradiction representing both the warrior and the devil—the animal Rome and the god Mars.

Wolves are are a symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit. They embody truth in heart and mind, and control over one's own life.

light blue tourmalines is a crystal of Spirit and peace, providing for deep meditation and bringing past hurts to the surface for healing. It encourages the release of emotional bonds and frees the mind to explore a higher consciousness and spiritual connection.

Astrological signs Libra

  • Cast from a grey wolf claw
  • 8mm x 6mm Turquoise colored tourmalines 
  • Dimensions: 36 mm x 12mm
  • 15 grams of sterling silver with 23.5k gold at the tip
    Chain Length:

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