Lupus Spiritus Claw with Rose cut Black diamond

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In alchemy, the wolf is the creature of the moon, silver & antimony. The wolf is a contradiction, representing both the warrior and the devil—the animal Rome and the god Mars.

Wolves are a symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit. They embody truth in heart and mind and control over one's life.

A Gem Cloaked in Darkness: Black diamonds are the embodiment of the night's secrets, hiding their depths in a cloak of darkness. The Rose Cut enhances their enigmatic allure, inviting you to uncover their hidden mystique.

  • Cast from a grey wolf claw
  •  Rose Cut Natural black diamond
  • Dimensions: 36 mm x 12mm
  • 15 grams of sterling silver with 23.5k gold at the tip

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